Planescape: Torment Audiobook

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Track 00: Forward
Track 01: Chapter 1: The Mortuary
Track 02: Chapter 2: Deionarra
Track 03: Chapter 3: The Hive & Chapter 4: Morte, Part 1
Track 04: Chapter 5: Hive Market 
Track 05: Chapter 6: Mazed
Track 06: Chapter 7: Smoldering Corpse
Track 07: Chapter 8: Dak'kon, Part 1
Track 08: Chapter 9: Ragpickers' Square (Coming Soon)

           • Voices and audio editing by Tom Williams, 2012-2017

           • Original text by Chris Avellone and Colin McComb

           • Music by Mark Morgan and Richard Band

           • Fan-made novelization by Rhyss Hess

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Story Introduction

Over a decade after its release, when the topic of "the best stories in video games" is discussed, Planescape: Torment continues to make the list.  Spurning many fantasy tropes, Torment opts for a complex cosmology, a nameless protagonist, an emphasis on conversation rather than combat, and a philosophical theme: what can change the nature of a man?

The nameless "hero" awakens with no knowledge of who or where he is, nor why his flesh is grey and unimaginably scarred.  What little he learns about his past in the early game only leaves him with more questions, and deep regret.  Can one regret actions one does not remember taking?  If so, would it matter?

Project Explanation

Following the release of the game, a novel of the same name, written by Ray and Valerie Vallesse, was published.  By many accounts, this novel is a shallow and oversimplified interpretation of a deep and treasured game.  It makes some changes to essential facts and is significantly shorter than the 800,000-word script of the game.

This is not that novel.

A fan, Rhyss Hess, pillaged the dialogue and descriptions from the game and compiled an unofficial novelization much closer to the original authors' digital creation.  You may read more about his efforts and find the full text in .doc and .pdf formats here.

I'm very grateful to Rhyss Hess for all his work, and particularly for distributing his final product at no cost.  In an effort to hone my craft as a voice actor, and in a similar spirit to Mr. Hess, I have decided to turn his novelization into an audiobook to expose a wider audience to this incredible story.  

Copyright Information

Planescape: Torment, developed by Black Isle Studios
Copywrite 1999 by Interplay Productions
Original Text by Chris Avellone and Colin McComb
Novelization by Rhyss Hess available at:
Full game available for purchase online at Good Old Games
Read by Tom Williams